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Twenty Inkspots

pen to paper, brush to canvas

20 Inkspots
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;20 Inkspots
pen to paper and brush to canvas
__this community was inspired by chal who wondered, off-handedly, in her journal why there were no callenge communites for both writers AND artists. I was passionately inspired and thus, voila! May I present 20_inkspots!

This is a challenge community much in the fashion of 30_kisses, 52_flavours and 1sentence. The catch here is that a writer and artist team work together to created 20 themes in whichever way they choose. This may be something as simple as writing a complimentry drabble and oekaki doddle for each theme to something complicated such as a doujinshi based on each theme.

So how does this work? Well, in an ideal world every writer would have a best friend who happened to be a fantastic fanartist! In this perfect world, the two would sign up together and immediately claim their choice character/pairing. However, even if you don't have a good friend with a corresponding talent, we will do our best to accomodate you:

;signing up
If you already know who your partner will be.
Only one of you has to sign up, just make sure to mention who your partner is in the post. Post format for this kind of submission should be something along the lines of:

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Character/Pairing: Alphonse Elric/Roy's Desk
Writer: cephiedvariable
Artist: kaiousei

If you have no partner in mind.
Just sign up specifying which half of the duo you happen to be. Your request will be placed "in queue" so that all prospective members can view you request and have a chance to sign up alongside you. All single person requests will be held for one month. You can always sign right back up, of course, but this is done to give people who already have an agreed partner a chance.

Series: Trigun
Character/Pairing: Livio
Writer: cephiedvariable
I NEED AN ARTIST. T___T (or some other plea to this effect. Just make sure we know you're in the market for a theme partner ^___^)

__I'm an armchair anarchist when it comes to these sort of things. There aren't too many rules and guidelines for you to follow here except common sense internet etiquette. No slander, bashing fics or personally insulting any of the other members or the mods will lay into you thick with their semi-omnipotent mod powers of doom.

So what are we allowed to post?
Hell, anything you want to, really. Slash, het, gen, squick, NC-17 and all that jazz. Just please remember to label your fics appropriately, ect. ect. ect. Any fandom, any character and any pairing is allowed. Also, we will allow original story fics/art if the submission has both an artist and a writer.

Can I be both the writer AND the artist?
No. That would defeat the entire point of this community.

Every writer has their own, unique way of doing their summaries so I'm giving no particular guideline for how to post your submissions. However, every submission must have one piece of writing and one piece of art both for the same theme (or one collaborative... thing that somehow incorporates both writing and drawing). All writing/art should be under an lj-cut because, y'know, lj-cuts make the world go 'round. Also, for archiving purposes (and yes, this is all redundant common sense) please make the following clear in your summary: Series, Character/Pairing, both the artists' names and The Title of the Submission.

If, even after reading this, something still needs a little clarification, feel free to drop us a line at The Interactive FAQ.

;okay, lets get this party started!
__The first thing you need to do if you want to sign up is check out the following links:
In Queue
If your character/pairing has not been fully claimed, then make sure that it hasn't been partially claimed. If you decide to take an "in queue" claim, both the artist and the writer have to agree to work together. If you're in queue, but honestly feel uncomfortable working with a stranger you still have a full month to find yourself a partner you would be willing to work with. For those more adventerous of you, it's a great way to meet new, like minded people! XD

If your character/pairing is not on either of these lists, then it's time to head over to the SIGN UP post! This is pretty straightforward. You will be notified in that post as to whether you recieved the character/pairing or not.

It should probably be mentioned that since this is a team challenge, any given memeber of the community may only claim one character/pairing at a time. You can, however, drop your challenge at any time and pick up another one. Your half finished theme set will still be archived in the community memories.

Once you've successfully claimed your character/pairing, check out the themes.

If you would like to drop a claim, please reply to this post

To offer a little inspirational variety, there are currently four different theme sets to choose from. You're free to choose any set you want, however once you choose that set you must finish all twenty alloted themes for it. You cannot cross between sets and you may only do one set for each character/pairing. So, uh, choose carefully. ^____^;;

There is a "heavy" or "dark" set of themes, and well as a "light" themeset. Each tone includes two sets- one for sentences/quotes, and the other consisting entirely of one word triggers.

Dark Themes composed by cephiedvariable
Light Themes composed by kaiousei

Magic and the Occult Themes composed by amiamiami

In the future, there may or may not be more themesets added to this list. If you feel particularily confident in your inspirational prowress, feel free to submit a themeset (20 themes, of course). Just drop me a line at cephied_variable@hotmail.com with the e-mail subject head: "20 Inkspots Themes".

You may drop you challenge at any time. Just post a reply to the claimed post stating the character/pairing you are dropping, and both people involved in the challenge.

Well, that's about it. Thanks for checking out 20_inkspots now, um, get to collaborating! *whip crack*

ADMIN: cephiedvariable
MODS: kaiousei

AFFILIATES: 1sentence