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Poison Envy

Starting Off (Ed X Psiren, Adventure)

Title: Starting Off
Author: winter_ruins
Artist: ketita
Pairing: Ed x Clara (Psiren)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme: Light Themes, One Word Triggers: #4 Adventure
Notes: The first part in what will be a running series sorta thing. This is simply Ed and Psiren finding one another again, and they don't actually get together in this one.

“Stop! Thief!” Edward and Alphonse heard the cry before the thief and the cop came rounding the corner, the thief quite ahead of the cop.

Said thief was clad completely in head to toe in black, but somehow seemed familiar to the Elrics. Edward didn’t dwell on it though, and when they got close enough to the boys, Edward clapped his hands together and forced the ground to rise up, entrapping the thief in a cage.

“Psiren!” That was Al. Edward gave a start and looked into the bars, only to see the thief standing inside, giving a small grin, which would’ve looked sheepish had it been on anyone else.

“Edward. Alphonse,” Psiren said.

Alphonse turned to Edward. “Niisan! We need to let her go. I’m sure she has a good reason,” Alphonse said.

Edward looked at Al, then at the cop who was rushing towards them.

“Brother, please!” Alphonse cried.

Biting his lip slightly, Edward clapped his hands together, bending the bars just far enough apart for Psiren to squeeze through. “You wait for us,” Edward hissed at her angrily, “and we’re going to have a long talk.”

Shooting him a wink, Psiren squeezed out of her prison, and jumped on top of a building, quickly disappearing.

The cop seemed to understand how hard it was to capture Psiren, and passed off her escape simply to her cunning. Alphonse was very apologetic to the cop, where as Edward was snappy, both angry at himself for giving into Alphonse’s demands, and to see Psiren here, still stealing.

The two of them asked the cop what was stolen, and he explained to them that it was a priceless jewel that had been on display at a local museum.

Edward, fuming, stalked off not long after discovering this, and Alphonse, apologizing once more to the cop, followed after him.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Edward demanded when he found Clara buttoning up her blouse on top of the roof.

“Getting changed,” Clara all but sang, shooting him a somewhat amused look.

“I thought you got arrested!” Edward snapped.

Clara shot him an almost-hurt, but rather mocking glance, sticking out her bottom lip in a pout. “I got out on good behaviour,” Clara lied easily. “And I decided to bring my business out of Aquroya. You know, to spread the word about the great Psiren before I went back home. A bit of a business vacation, if you will.”

Edward struggled to stop himself from snapping. “I thought I told you to stop stealing!” he growled at her.

She bent over so that she was eye level with him, and flicked his nose. “But do I really have to listen to you?” she sang in rather seductive voice.

A seductive voice that, once again, Edward was completely oblivious to. “Yes, you have to listen to me!” he screamed. “I beat you fair and square and that means you have to listen to me!”

“Niisan,” Alphonse cried, “calm down!”

“Yes, Edward,” she said, placing her arms on his shoulder, still eye level with him. “I just want to help my city and bring wealth back to it.”

Edward growled, pulling away from her suddenly and walking towards the edge of the roof, watching her from the corner of his eye. “You’re coming with me!” He snapped at her. “I’m going to be keeping an eye on you.”

Alphonse would’ve smiled, if he was capable, because, after all, he did rather like Clara, and he followed Edward as he started walking away.

Clara looked at the two boys, somewhat curiously. She hadn’t exactly expected a turn of events like that. Then she smiled, following them. It sounded like an interesting enough adventure.
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